Wondrous Objects

88 Magical Wards

Scattered around the Dragon Empire are wondrous objects which together form the 88-sequence lock that binds the Lich King to the Isle of Necropolis. Lately, some of these magical wards have been deliberately damaged or destroyed.


  • Goblinobelisk
  • The Magic Docks, Horizon (destroyed)
  • Great Lamp, Eldolan (destroyed)
  • The Catacombs, Eldolan (destroyed)
  • Sword of the Empire, Axis
  • Black Glass Skull (destroyed), Demon Coast
  • The Lighthouse, Vigil
  • Grand Stalactite, the Undermarch
  • Marble Shrine, Santa Cora
  • Golden Centaur statue (destroyed)
  • Lady Justice, with Sword and Scales, Axis
  • Odthallo Spider Tree, the Blood Wood


Blade of the Oath Breaker

Definitely not a platinum spearhead, the blade was used in a distant age to kill an Emperor… which one and by whom varies from myth to myth.

The Blade is believed to be locked in the vault of the Golden Citadel. The Crusader is seeking this, and may have been tricked into believing he has it.

Eye of the Stone Thief

An enormous emerald with seemingly limitless, scintillating facets. Its powers are unknown, but it appears that someone or something is able to see through the gem. It was  removed from the vault of the Golden Citadel by Talos' privateers and returned to the Stone Theif by Merrik Frost as part of a successful gambit to destroy the Crusader's flagship, Red Dawn.

Wondrous Objects

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