The Icons

The Archmage

The current Archmage has held his title for nearly 200 years, ascending to the position after the death of the previous Archmage in the war against the Lich King. He was the architect of the 88 Magical Wards; he holds the Orb of the Sea, which controls and calms the Midland Sea. He is chief advisor to the Emperor. Since this portrait of him was commissioned, he has gained a significant amount of weight.

He holds court in Horizon, City of Wonders. He is also famous for his enormous appetite and his sensualist hedonism. Talos' privateers recently learned that some agents in the court were influencing the Archmage's behaviour, muddying his thoughts through means mundane or magical.


The armored fist of the Dark Gods.  The Crusader seems to have met his end, consumed by the Stone Thief along with the floating fortress Red Dawn. 

The Crusader first appeared 100 years ago from beyond the Iron Sea in the floating fortress Red Dawn… just in time to help the forces of righteousness push the Diabolist horde back into the Abyss. 


Whether the Diabolist creates the Hell Holes or the Hell Holes created the Diabolist is a "chicken or the egg" question where the chicken is trying to strip the flesh from your bones and the egg is terrifyi`ng nightmare vision of the dark realms. 

What is for certain is that the Diabolist's influence is increasing: Hell Holes continue to bubble up to this plane of reality, and demon-worshipping cultists create deities of her servitors. 

Dwarf King

An enormous underground empire; a society of rigid castes, clans, and social responsibilities; the endless responsibility of holding back the monstrosities of the Underdark. The Dwarf King's legitimacy comes from an unbroken lineage of power passed from father to son stretching back to the first beings to walk on two legs.

The Fortress Kingdom of Forge is deep beneath the mountains, accessible only through the walled surface citadel Anvil.

Elf Queen

Humans think and dream in days and years, their Kings in generations. Elves think in generations, and their Queen dreams in Ages.

The Court of the Moon and Stars is deep in a timeless wood, and stretches upwards to the heavens, and inward to the Marches: the dream world where unconscious beings venture in their slumber, and Elven mystics travel through meditation.


Great Gold Wyrm

Standing fast at the Gates of Hell, the Great Gold Wyrm holds back the Diabolist's forces.

First born of all the dragons, the GGW was seen as the "Patron Saint" of Benevolent Wisdom. His treasure horde is the fabulous Golden Citadel, for some reason abandoned altogether by his followers. Recently the party broke into the Citadel's vault, bested its guardian, and escaped with a powerful magical artifact.

High Druid

Y'all faintly remember meeting her during the Moonlit Moot, but there were a LOT of mind-altering mushrooms consumed around then.  The impression you have is that she is young, bold, and militant about nurturing the Earth Mother.

Lich King

Insane, imprisoned, and pretty unhappy about it. Two hundred years ago, he was the Emperor, and decided that rather than ruling until death, he'd become undead and rule for eternity. A coalition of all of the other Icons at the time were required to defeat him, imprisoning him on the island Necropolis.

Recently, his servants attempted to create  a beachhead for the undead in the city of Eldolan, damaging the magical crypts, nearly destroying one of the magical wards that keeps him contained.

His servitor Garados specialised in demon summoning, and was seeking the Eye of the Stone Thief. Lich King agents occupied positions of power in all levels of government. They were all rounded up and summarily executed. 

Orc Lord

Somewhere in the far north reaches of the Frost Range, a new Orc Lord is uniting the fragmented orc tribes. He claims to have the blood of dragons in his veins.


Every corpse of intelligent creatures must be blessed, bathed, and laid to rest, else they will re-awaken as servitors of the Lich King. The Priestess and her agents do this with business-like efficiency – with costs paid for by taxes and tithes, of course.

Prince of Shadows

Who knows?

the Three

Three dragons, the first born of each of their colour: the Black, the Blue, and the Red. In the ruins of Drakkenhall, once the home of the Emperor's throne, they have established a city of monsters.

The Icons

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