Talos' Privateers

From Garados' notes, the adventurers learned  that the Eye of the Stone Thief was located in the vaults of the Golden Citadel. Styx, Kurza, Merrik Frost, plus the Obsidian Child and his young phoenix Janys boarded the Estimated Prophet and headed along the Demon Coast.

They docked at the closest port, Black Glass Skull. One of the 88 magical wards that keep the Lich King imprisoned, the fortress was a literal black glass skull. Docking was prohibitively expensive, not only because of the treacherous terrain surround the fortress, but because its proximity to the Golden Citadel make currenly practically useless.

Highlights INSIDE Black Glass Skull included gambling and fraud, giving dangerous drugs to a child, diarrhea, a magic diorama, pick pocketing, ransom, kidnapping, more cultists, and the eventual confirmation of underground tunnels.

Trolls were met, demons encountered, unusual storms rocked the magically calmed Midland Sea, explosives failed to open doors; promises made to fetch the Blade of the Betrayer ended up being broken. A key to the vault was discovered: the enigmatic story-keeper of the Koru, Wild.

After descending a chasm, fighting an abomination, burning giant spiders to death, descending a further shaft, a 3' x 3' emerald with a unknowable number of brilliant facets. 

Upon reaching the surface, the Eye seemed to awaken and see the world around it. By the time the divided party re-united on the deck of the Estimated Prophet, the landscape around Black Glass Skull shook and rattled and thundered. The earth churned, then swirled around the structure like a whirlpool… and Black Glass Skull sunk below the surface.

The Stone Thief took it.


Ryjin Ryjin

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