30,000 predominantly inhabitants. Home of the Wizards' Universities. Rival factions make this a sort of college town where the frat boys can sometimes shoot lightning from their fingertips.

Recently, Eldolan was the centre of a Lich King conspiracy. When the plot came to light, more than 60 people  were tried and executed on charges of treason against the living.

Its mayor, Camilla, Daughter of Light, was a longtime religious conservative who of late has shifted to a much more moderate policy stance. The Captain of the Silver Shields (the town guard), Jeskill, is a firm and fair man.

Eldolan is the home of the Great Lamp, one of the 88 magical wards.


Demon Coast


Citadels & Forts

Black Glass Skull

The Golden Citadel 

Imagine a treasure fit for the oldest and most powerful of all the dragons.

The Golden Citadel – the Golden City is made entirely of gold. 

Red Dawn

The flagship of the Crusader, upon which his forces first appeared from the East edge of the world. Sailing through untamable waters of the Iron Sea, the Crusader's armada arrived without herald. Wood black cherry, sails blood red – endless tangles of spider webs. On the largest sail, the mailed black fist, icon of the Crusader.



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