There aren't exactly Gods, per se, though it's said in other ages there were.

Instead, there are countless demi-gods, demons, magical aberrations, spirits, and charismatic mortals that are revered around the Dragon Empire.

Legend has it that the power of these "gods" stems from the depth of faith and loyalty in their followers – the powers of gods wax and wane in sync with their worship.


Cult of the Mother

Gristly experimentations with the dead and a couple stolen text books was all it took for a group of weirdos in Eldolan to summon a living dungeon containing a demon called The Mother.

Cult of the Father

They appeared in Black Glass Skull, murdering the guards keeping watch over Merrik and abducting him for some dark purpose. Mutterings overheard suggest a link to the Mother. Their ritual seems to have been completed, though Merrik escaped with his life. It is likely many of them perished when Black Glass Skull was devoured by the Stone Thief.

Cult of the Devourer

Mentioned in the same texts wherein Garados wrote of the Eye of the Stone Thief. Is there some connection between these people and Wild, who sought to be devoured? What was that she said about finding a college of wizards?

Cult of Talos

Talos is just a dude who believes in hard work, honesty, and righteousness. He's invisible, and he can only be heard by a single living being – Styx, the gentle monster who has set forth into the world to share Talos' news. 
A small church was built in Talos' honor in Eldolan, on the site where a theatre once burned to the ground. 


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