Wild (Missing)

Story-Keeper of the Koru Nomads


The enigmatic story-keeper of the Koru Behemoths dressed in leather and bone, covered with tribal black tattoos. She was last seen in the form of a badger, being devoured by the stone thief.


“As you may have heard, Koru Behemoths tolerate a very small population who can entertain and live in homeostasis with the large beasts. Every 50 years they travel clockwise grazing on primal energy that are invisible to everyday creatures.

However, an uncountable amount of years focused on understanding the clans of primal powers, have taught me a couple solid techniques.

Educated by the Elders of Traditions to living with nomads aka ‘bohos’, monsters, monks and magicians. The magicians magic allowed the special few to conjure permanent homes upon their backs. Bohos lived a very bohemian ideal of drifting Nirvana where ever they go, the Dandy’s buying and displaying expensive rare items that only enlightened mystics were interested in.

Taking up residence on the backs of the behemoths is life shaping challenge, protecting the beasts from threatening pests, polyglot-ism was beyond avocation, resonating with the Koru’s energy to mold living spaces within their shells are just list a few.

I visited a place called Red Lantern City. It’s on the back of a giant turtlephant. During the day, when the turtle is moving, the city is asleep, but it awakes at night, when the turtle rests. Here was where I overheard a whisper of a school of shadows located in the belly of a great, living dungeon crawling blindly through the earth…

When the timing was right the Korus brought me into the path of Talos’ adventurers.

Wild (Missing)

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