Ebony & Ivory

Blades from the Court of Moon & Stars


Light and Dark, this duo embody deadly grace. Trained together since birth, Ebony and Ivory move together seamlessly and silently, dressed in finest Elven armour. Everything about their poise and aesthetic emanates subtle finess and deliberate mastery.


Ebony and Ivory are Court Blades – elves paired at birth and raised in the Court of Moon and Stars under the mentorship of the Court’s Guard.
The union of High Elf and Deep Elf, whose adopted parent is the Elf Queen, is symbolic of the unity of all Elven-kind under the love and guidance of the Queen.

As adopted children of the Elf Queen, Court Blades are treated with the same respect and accord as Princes.

The title of Court Blade is bestowed before birth, when prophetic visions lead the Seer to the parents, who are told little except that the child has a higher calling. Many children are called to court before birth in this fashion for any number of royal purposes. It is a great honour that comes with the understanding that the parents will never know their child.

Ebony & Ivory

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