Captain Jeskill

Pure Heart & Silver Shield


Captain Jeskill carries himself with solemn dignity. He is military precision: polished armour gleams, moustache trimmed; straight backed with alert eyes.

He wears a large shield with a sunburst and has a flanged mace on his belt.


There was a point in time where Jeskill was the “last good cop” in Eldolan.

After the heroes took a gamble and revealed the Lich King’s conspiracy to him, Jeskill worked tirelessly to root out the corruption and help foil the plot.

His timely intervention at the guardhouse stifled a midnight mutiny where scores of guards would have had their throats cut in their sleep. Rousing the men, fighting off the mutineers, rounding them up and arresting them made Captain Jeskill the town’s figurehead in its fight against corruption.

As newly-appointed Captain of the Guard, Jeskill personally carried out the executions of more than twenty members of the guard found guilty of treason. Though he has embraced his role as a community leader and helped shift the direction the town was heading (and his substantial work in repairing the relationships between the poor and the town watch), it is clear that the mutiny and subsequent trials weigh heavily on him.

Captain Jeskill

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