Upstanding Citizen.


Young, slender, ginger, and rakish. Capper is average height, has green eyes, and an easy confidence about himself. He has a way of looking at people like they’re the most fascinating and wonderful person he’s ever met.


Capper is a respected community leader who played a leadership role in restoring Eldolan after the Lich King’s cult was destroyed.

As leader of the street gang the Ratsmashers, Capper had an agreement with the Dreamweaver to let him operate his opium den style Dreamweed business out of Ratsmasher territory in the Warrens.

When Capper met the heroes during the course of their investigation, Merrik offered him a chance to walk away from a life of crime and to start making a difference in his community.
When the adventurers beat the Dreamweaver bloody, started the theatre on fire, and dragged him naked through the street, Capper rounded up some locals to bucket-brigade extinguish the flames.

When it came time to “light up the night” ahead of the Lamp-Lighter betrayal, Capper organized the distribution of torches through the Warrens.


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