Talos' Privateers

Shadows Over Eldolan

The adventurers foiled  a would-be kidnapper, saving an infant from a terrible fate.

The scheme was brazen, involving the coordinated release of the living dead into a crowded market place to create a distraction during a high noon snatch-and-run. Before the kidnapper had cleared the square, he had been feathered with arrows and then dragged free of the melee before he could escape or be devoured. Under interrogation, the kidnapper revealed he had been paid in a harmful, addictive herb called Dreamweed to do the snatch. 

Some bodies were identified by the Sisters of Mercy, a charitable group that feeds the poor in Eldolan. Tying the hired thug and the zombie corpses to poor folk from the Warrens who had lately been using a deadly herb led to  tracking the dealer of the Dreamweed.

Because of some confusion about the Obsidian Child's identity, and a mysterious Drow named Aeorta, the heroes tricked "The DreamWeaver" into revealing details of a wide-reaching corpse-thieving ring.

Aeorta was collecting fresh bodies for a Lich King contact; the dead in the midday marketplace were just a fraction of the re-animated arsenal… Countless were hid in tunnels below the city  and in the crypts. Meanwhile,  on the side, Aorta was selling the corpses to a fringe cult dedicated to the worship of a Succubus in a living dungeon known as the Mother. Leads tying the upper echelons of the conspiracy to the procurement of bodies were designed to follow the false trail to the Mother. Without hard proof of who Aeorta was working with, the trail would have gone cold.

The lynch-pin of the case against Aeorta was his bag-man Paulos, who had been broken, linded and had his tongue removed before being sold to slavers. Alive and mute his secrets would have been safe from investigators, and safe from the Lich King… for a time.

Paulos was tracked to a slave ship, the Glass Anchor. After the Obsidian Child fearlessly boarded the ship, causing a bloody battle on its decks in the harbor midafternoon, the Child laid claim to the ship as his own. 

When the town's guard appeared, Merrik Frost took a major diplomatic gamble and revealed the details of the Lich King plot to the captain of the guard. The risk paid off, and the captain was able to rally un-corrupted guardsmen in time to prevent a midnight mutiny. The ship was cleaned, the captive crew released. Many of them, so taken by the strange twinkling child and his unlikely companions, chose to remain aboard the ship and start new lives as free men and privateers.

Kurza donned the bloody leather-and-mail armour of the pirate captain, a whirling dervish who stunk of evil and depravity.

Although the do-gooders failed to interrupt the Cult of the Mother's summoning ritual, they were able to interrupt whatever the hell was going on as a result of that summoning, butchering the cultists, killing an invisible infernal guardian, and finally finding substantial evidence to link Garados to the Lich King: dark books on summoning demons, living dungeons, and ancient monsters.

Armed with testimony from Aeorta, Paulos, and evidence from the cultists, emboldened with the official approval from the mayor, the adventurers confronted Garados and halted the destruction of a powerful magical ward. Even Garados' attempt to escape justice and enact further chaos with suicide magic were halted… Apparently it takes a long time for someone to die from a gushing neck wound.

The Lich King's forces were routed largely before they emerged: mutiny thwarted, conspiracy to darken the city mitigated by thousands of citizens with torches, the dead sealed in vaults belowgrounds, the most powerful wizards apprehended or killed, and a brief and bloody battle on the docks won by hardy sailors and dwarven dock workers.


Learning that Garados had sought a powerful magical relic to advance the Lich King's agenda, they adventurers set out to secure it before the forces of the One-Eyed Lord could find it.



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