Talos' Privateers

Saints of Circumstances

Chaos is spreading across the Dragon Empire.

The Stone Thief's attacks and subsequent devouring of magical wards has been an increasingly dire omen foretelling the return of the Lich King. Whatever agents had sought to manipulate the Stone Thief into doing their bidding (through ritualistic summonings) have likely lost some control over the monster now that its vision has been partially restored. The Elf Queen has voiced concern that the creature will target the Court of the Moon and Stars for Her role in blinding the creature. Will it still pursue and consume the magical wards, or does it have some other malevolent agenda of its own?

The death of the Crusader and the loss of Red Dawn have left fragments of a once-strong army (the Shattered Ones) scattered across the kingdom. Without the mailed fist of the Crusader driving them onwards, the remaining forces have floundered without purpose – some becoming vagrants, others bandits. Meanwhile, the Diabolist seems to be capitalizing on the ensuing vacuum left by the death of her rival: it is reported that demonic  forces have laid siege to the Dwarven Kingdom of Anvil. There are rumors that some of the Shattered Ones still loyal to the empire that the Crusader represents have gathered in Drakkenhall. Who calls them to the City of Monsters?

The crew of the Estimated Prophet stand at the eye of the storm, the stillness at its centre the mourning of the loss of the Obsidian Child. From the ashes of this mysterious foundling, a living being has emerged: Tupelo Honey, the Arbiter of Talos' Wrath.  Whatever their destiny, it is clear the adventurers who stand prepared to meet the rains are different than the ones who first felt the winds of the storm…

What does Talos intend to bring into this world? How will his Saints of Circumstance tip the balance of good and evil, of order and chaos?



Ryjin Ryjin

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